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EAL Apps and Useful Links

We have added some links that might be useful for our EAL students and their families.




Three EAL events in June! – EAL Journal   (printable worksheets for cursive writing etc)   good quizzes students can do excellent resource great video lessons for students interactive, general resource interactive games, excellent, paid for flashcards  good interactive exercises membership / subscription downloadable worksheets etc for teachers, good with two fun interactive matching games good resource for worksheets, games, songs etc songs and rhymes for younger beginners Membership site but lots of free samples to be found also. Got everything from songs, flashcards, phonics to power point presentation games Excellent site full of free Eal materials and EaL games. Excellent interactive quizzes etc, avoid all the sponsored content! A really cool website for learning vocabulary Website with comics for reading, grammar and vocabulary skills website to help students with reading    check out the talking library – enables collaborative story writing and could be fantastic for EAL learners, mainly for lower post primary. Subscription includes recent news reports that you can listen to and read with key vocabulary being highlighted. There are quizzes, Phrase of the Day, pronunciation help, grammar and topic specific vocabulary. excellent for grammar exercises in Student’s Stuff you will find popular phrasal verbs, slang and grammar tips. There are also forums to join to practise your English with other students. Quizzes is a great resource if you’re studying for any of the Cambridge exams. They provide practice tests.  – Excellent curriculum support material, topic and subject specific Post-primary /EAL




Short punctuation quizzes:


Nursery Rhymes


Free EAL Apps for primary school students and A1/2 level post primary


Tommy's first words in English

App developed by the British Council that offers a great way to learn new words through sets of interactive animations.


Learn English Kids playtime

Another British Council app with fun songs, stories and games


Timmy's starting to read 

English language learning for children aged six and younger, also designed by the British Council


Speaking pal English tutor

 A very entertaining and highly-interactive app with mini-lessons.


Monkey puzzle

Games on elementary topics such as food, clothing, colors etc..


Learn English for kids by Talk English

Introduces words one at a time with pictures.



Great for all students and parents



The best out there for all ages


N. B. The British Council apps have subscription included to access more material, but there's a lot of free activities offered for free.

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