“The guidance department is a key support to students and very positive feedback was gathered about the guidance service from questionnaires of students and parents” (WSE 2019) 


Guidance Counselling within Colaiste Nano Nagle is delivered on a whole school basis through a model of continuum support, which seeks to meet all students’ educational, personal and vocational needs. Guidance-related activities expose students to a range of learning experiences, with the ultimate aim of:

  • Enhancing student self-awareness and personal wellness
  • Improving students’ learning, study skills, time management, decision making abilities, self-management, subject and school programme choices
  • Raising student awareness of future possibilities and onward progression routes
  • Making grounded decisions about third-level

Guidance-related activities are delivered through the following platforms:

  • Classroom based learning & support (All)
  • Digital learning & support, delivered through Microsoft Teams (All)
  • Targeted group support (Some)
  • One on one learning & support (Few)



Useful Links:


Career Resources

Personal Support

Study Resources